Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Strange is going on

Something strange is happening with the weather. Its cold,wet and very windy. But thats normal for this time of year. The strange thing is the fruit trees all think its time to wake up and have lots of blossoms and even some leaves showing.
We had a very warm day only s few days ago, but can one day do this?
With the climate changing can all the plants be confused?
I know we are prone to frosts until September here, so I am worried that any chance of fruit will be lost.
Has this happened to anyone before, and is this signalling a very long hot summer?
If anyone has any answers please let me know.
Its all very strange indeed.


granny said...

Hi Angela,crazy weather up here too.They are predicting 6-28 for tomorrow and 6-29 on Thursday!!!??? Its winter for petes sake!No wonder the trees are confused :0)I hope it isnt a LONG,HOT,HUMID Summer sign...

Arts and Herbs said...

We have had this in spring too, it might be bad for the fruit if it starts freezing again. (I didn't even know it could freeze in Australia !) But this year spring in Belgium started early and we had no more winter days. It's been a very warm and dry summer so far, not as we are used to, the average temp. has been higher than normal in June and July, so I guess it's global warming.

Grammy said...

We had no fruit on or plum tree this year or last. The garden did not do well either. I did not plant a fall crop as it is a wast of time. Now that some of my tomatoes are getting ripe something is eating them before they ripen. It is ok with me as animals need food to. But I am glad I do not have to depend on the garden or we would be in trouble.