Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting used to change

As you all know I have finished "working" outside the home, and have started "working" in the office of our own business.
It is alot better this time around, for starters I dont have toddlers to deal with. My son is acually working here as the apprentice!
And this time I feel appreciated, which is a new one in my world.
So working across the paddock form home is great. I do the morning chores, walk over and spent a couple of hours in the office, then go home to organise dinner.
I am loving this arrangement this time.
So I am embracing the changes in my life, and they are embracing me.
So not me. But see I do eventually learn.
see ya


Grammy said...

I am so happy for you. that is awesome. We had a pet store in the early 90's and kids and hubby were there allot. I so enjoyed there help.

granny said...

Lucky you !! I would love to work from home...maybe one day *sigh*