Sunday, September 21, 2008

busy as busybees

This is our main vegie garden and as you can see there is stuff growing in the front section. We have planted our winter crops in here and left the back section fallow to rest. Today we tilled the back section added organic blood and bone and planted our potatoes. We then covered then up using cane mulch and gave them a good water. We also redid the seedlings as the harsh winds blew over our small hothouse about three times in the one day. I have now moved the small hothouse into the large one and its now protected from the strong winds. In the large hothouse the seeds I have planted straight into the organic mulch have started to grow. Its very exciting and hopefully this years crop will be just as good as last year.

see ya

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Leanne said...

A hothouse is high up on my wish list.

Love seeing the photos on your blog.

Love Leanneap