Saturday, June 07, 2008

sleepless in devon meadows

I have not been sleeping and that has made me very cranky and sad.
I bought sleeping tablets from the chemist about two weeks ago but I hate taking any kind of medication unless I absolutly have to so in two weeks I have only used 3 of them.
Last night hubby was banished to sons room because he wasnt home and I slept all night like a baby. A good baby because most babies, especially mine, dont sleep like babies at all.
But I digress.
Hubbys snoring and tossing and turning are keeping me awake and that makes for a not very happy mummy.
But two nights of sleep, and I do feel much better, had a sleeping tablet the night before.
Hopefully the pattern will continue and I will continue to sleep blissfully the rest of my nights away
see ya

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