Monday, June 02, 2008

goosey lucy and her friends

I had a good laugh this morning with the geese. I anybody ever tells you animals as dumb do not believe them. All the animals I have ever had from dogs, cats, poultry, sheep, goats,and pigs none have been stupid and all have been extremely smart.
This morning the fog was its usual pea soup consistency and so I didn't get the geese or chickens out till 9.30. Well I got out the back and was greeted with wild squaking or whatever it is geese do and no sooner had I open the pen door and the door to the backyard permiculture area 5 geese started running. It was the funniest sight as they only have short legs and big bodies and they kept tripping over themselfs.
See small things amuse small minds but it is the simple things in life that keep me happy.
see ya!

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