Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Playing in the big sandpit

Hubby has got his hands on a excavator and has been playing like a kid in a big sandpit. When it used to rain our back paddock used to flood, but now we have built up the land and the rains have been less abundant he decided that one of the drains we had could go.
This is great as now we have more room and so the site for the hothouse has been established.
I am very excited as now that the hothouse is happening I can plan to grow more food and a greater variety over winter and even summer. Hopefully the hoops for the hothouse will be up this week and the the plastic and then I can plant to my hearts content.
The new 92,000 litre tank as started collecting water as well so it will be all steam ahead very soon.
It,s very exciting isnt it.

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