Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I wonder

I wonder what it would be like to live with someone who truly thinks like you do. I am not a spender and I just wantj to pay down debt and live a simple life. This has always been my goal.
Unfortunately hubby wants to build an empire and being In debt is no big deal for him. He has done a deal and traded in his car, which we paid off and owned, and has bought and brand new one. This means we will now after the trade in, owe money on.
He works hard and he deserves everything he wants but as. Get older I question the wisdom of this. Between this and the investments we have, for tax purposes I keep getting told, I don't see us every really retiring.
I just want to know relax and enjoy the fruits of our labours. Is this wrong?
Maybe I'm just winging and should be grateful for all we have but I see so many people who don't ever get a chance to enjoy their lives, that I'm really questioning the choices he has made. He won't listen to me because I don't understand.
Maybe I don't but I know what I wanted in life and I've achieved it. I've raised my family paid off my home and now I want to play.

Why can't he understand that!


Sharon said...

Um... tough one.
1. He's a man, men are immortal.
2. DH tells me that the average electrician (what he does) dies 1.3 years after he retires.

Means = 1. has no fear, 2. is afraid

Think it comes down to - he's a man. Men do not think like women do, it's probably the attraction in the first place. LOL!

Cathy said...

Now Angela - do you really want to agree on everything - be a bit boring wouldn't it lol

Like you I've been through the active achiever stage - now I'm happy when there's enough cash to pay the bills and do lots of extras - Dh was always wanting to do this that and the other before he retired and then more.

It really did change overnight, I have no idea why or how he changed - we sold all the investment property and now just live a much simpler life.

Your man is still quite young and probably doesn't want to settle down yet - thats what oldies do lol It might be a bit too soon for him to contemplate that trip round oz!

Take care

Gill - That British Woman said...

dh seems to think he should have everything he fancies...I know how you feel.


Snowbrush said...

I don't think you're whining, I think you have a fundamental difference that can't help but cause unhappiness. The only question is whether it's enough unhappiness to be a deal breaker, or whether you two can work together to figure out how to make it doable.