Monday, May 28, 2012


Mondays here mean washing and cleaning the house after the weekend. You would think that having no kids at home any more it wouldn't get as bad, but then I remember the hubby! That man cannot bring in a load of wood without mulching the whole area in front of the fire. So I just clean it up as best as I can during the weekend and give it a good vacuum on Monday, now during the week I keep the fire going and the mess is considerably less! Meanwhile today I have washed and hung on the clothes horses two huge loads of washing and one load of towels is now hanging under the back veranda drying out of the rain and frost. We had a cooked chicken for lunch yeasterday so I used the left overs to make a chicken and vegetable soup on my fire. I love cooking on the fire as it saves power and I get twice as much from my wood. I am feeling under the weather with my throat feeling like its on fire, so I have been going slow. I hope you all are feeling great and have enjoyed your weekend, ready now to takle a new week. See ya


Claire said...

Hey Angela, we have a wood heater and a wood stove so I know what you mean about the mess in front of it.......

I have a pot of pea and ham soup cooking on the stove and have lamb shanks ready to be made into a soup as well. I love this time of year for one pot meals and soups.

Sorry to hear you've feeling under the weather, maybe a bowl of chicken and veg soup might help the cause. Hope you get over it quickly.
Love wood stoves/heaters, they warm you, dry your clothes, cook your food , heat your water and give the room a lovely, cosy feel.....I'll put up with the mess any day, hehe.......

Claire :}

Cathy said...

Yuk day today wan't it! Easy to cook lovely casserole for tea cheered me up no end
Sunshine on Wednesday - can you hold out till then??

Sharon said...

I'm not fond of Mondays. There's the trash to take out and everyone is always so crabby that they have to go back to work.

I hope the sore throat goes away and you feel better.

No wood stove here, I have to depend on a crock pot.

Seems summer is full on us here.