Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Here are the beets all canned and will be ready to eat in a few weeks. There are 3 large jars and one medium.
We planted some beetroots that werent a purple colour and have been mixed through all the jars so it will be interesting to see how they tast.
This was from one punnet of seedlings and I even pulled some up while they were growing to cook up and eat. so I am happy with the result. I have got another punnet so I will be planting those as soon as the sun goes from the raised garden patch.
see ya


becky3086 said...

What is a punnet? The beets look good. My mother used to pickle them and I liked them that way but Phil absolutely hates beets so I don't grow them now. I love adding new jars filled with vegetables to my storage room

angela said...

Becky a punned is one little box that the seedlings come in. It's not very large. I will take a photo and show you