Monday, January 31, 2011

Home, sweet, home!

Hi everyone I am back. I had a great weekend, the wedding was great fun and the bride and all the girls looked fabulous!
The weather was hot, hot,hot and very muggy. Just how I dont like it so what was a girl to do but keep her fluids up. haha not water but  I was drinking lots.
Lots of photos to upload onto the computer and I will post a couple for you all to see.
I will catch up with you all in blog land, but for now washing machine on, and I really need sleep but I will keep going and hit the sack early.
see ya


Sharon said...

I imagine you are tired, but glad you "kept your fluids up" and had a great time! Enjoy your sleep, I have been sleeping nearly all day - maybe a beginning of a bug?

Tracey said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing the photographs! xxx

Unknown said...

home safe, that's all I needed to know x

E said...

Sound like you had loads of fun. Yea! Look forward to more photos : )

Cathy said...

Glad to hear the wedding went off ok - looking forward to the piccies - you willshare won't you
Was it warm enough for you today??
Take care