Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From the garden

 The garden hasnt been the best this year with the weather being all over the place. We have harvested a few beans. This is the third lot we have collected and I have blanched and frozen them for use in stews during winter.
 The tomatoes have finally started to ripen. We have lost of green ones on the vines, but the weather has been to cold for them to ripen. cucumbers are doing well and the capsicums and chillies are starting to come on too.
And finally for dessert, fresh strawberries. Yummo!
We pulled the last of the lettuces as they had gone to seed and fed them to the piglets and chooks.
so even though the weather has forgotton all about summer, we havnt done too bad.
see ya


E said...

I am amazed you do have some food. I did not get one item from my garden last summer. I am so glad to here your did get some. This weather is unbelievable. You really did not have a summer. I wounder if we will. We still have snow. But the sun made it warm it the house today. The icicles were falling off Amys trailer today too. She said she could here them crashing.

Sharon said...

The beans look good, I like to eat them raw. I am surprised you had a decent garden at all, with the weather being so up and down. Oh, I'll take a fresh cucumber too! :-)

Tracey said...

I can't wait for summer now!! I love fresh stuff straight from the