Friday, January 16, 2009

Just saying Hi

Cabbage Heart- You can come over for a baked dinner anytime.
Cathy- Welcome to my blog. Its great to hear from you.
Judy- Ronda Jeans blog has inspired me also. Chickens are great. They have such funny little personalities. I would never be without them.
Thank you for commenting. It gives me such a buzz.
Will be posting more photos of my garden very soon.
see ya


Teena said...

hey Angela....Im there hunny! The moment i get over the germs invading my body im there for the baked dinner!

Unknown said...

did someone mention baked dinner ?
i am there too-
yes, blogging and comments make the day for sure angela- its nice to know that we weave ourselves into ohters lives xxx

Mr Joshua said...

Thanks for the FreeCycle tip.
I have been hooked up with a guitar.
Thanks again.