Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cooking bonanza

We the last of the winter crops were harvested today. With the wild weather we have had recently everything was starting to go to seed. So the last of the cabbages, the brocoli and the cauliflower were brought in and cooked up into various dishes to be enjoyed over the next few days. Because I have two very busy teenages dinner has to be cooked and be able to be reheated at various times to feed everyone as they come and go. I find if I have something cooked, like the chow mien I cooked today, they zap it and eat when they are ready and are less likely to eat junk food.
It also helps me stick to my healthy eating plan and hopefully continue to lose weight.
Meanwhile three gardens have been planted out and mulched over the weekend and soon will be enjoying all the summer foods. After a month or so we will plant out the last garden been and ensure a longer harvest period.
Hope the sun shines, and the rain falls where you are.
see ya

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