Thursday, July 21, 2011

worst cold and flu season

The weather here has been bone chillin cold. On the news last night we were told its been the worst cold and flu season in many years here on the eastcoast of Australia.
I myself am not having a great day. So very tired, last week really knocked me around. Head is feeling like its packed with cotton wood, sinus is blocked and my ears are very sore.
Got up to get to gym this morning, but my body just didnt want too. After just fluffing around for a couple of hours I was back in bed and fell asleep. Woke up two hours later, not feeling much better. I will be glad when the new woodheater is installed next week. Then Ill have both going. That should keep me toasty warm. So I will plod along today, and rest when I need it. I think greek chicken soup sounds like a good idea.
Hot soup, and DVD's. Some handstitching and Ill be ok.
see ya


Sharon said...

I hope you get better really soon! That soup sounds good! Rest up and enjoy your DVDs!

Grammy said...

Big hug, I think onion soup has healing quality's for your breathing. Sending you healing thoughts. Big hug. E.