Thursday, June 02, 2011

Missing marbles

I think I am finally losing it! Last night at around 1ish I was fast asleep and woke up suddenly because I heard a female screaming like she was being attacked. I flew outta bed, and went in to check on baby girl. She of cause was fast asleep. hubby also flew outta bed to see what the hell I was doing. I kept saying I can hear someone screaming. I finally calmed down a little and climbed back into bed, but the heart was racing and I was shaking. Also because you have to open a door before you walk through it, and not try and do both at the same time I have a huge bruise on my knee. I dont know what happend but it seemed so real to me.
This morning everyone tiptoed around the crazy lady, so that no one could upset her.
It was very bizare and i really dont know what happened.
So if anyone knows where my missing marbles are please let me know, I really need them


Grammy said...

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.Is could have been you were in rem sleep and it was a dream you do not remember. Or it could have been spirit.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
This sounds like a return of the funny dreams you had a while ago. Not eating too close to bedtime are you?
Fabulous sunny day on our side of town today - going out to rake up some of those leaves - so the others have a place to rest when they fall down lol

Sharon said...

I believe your marbles have run off with mine. Or it's a conspiracy and they were stolen!

Tracey said...

I lost mine years ago....seems to me that you're quite normal! xxxx

Susan said...

Either that or you've got possums in the roof (I mean that literally ... I'm not trying to be smart - ha ha); they scream like crazy at times!!